Ethereal Woman Studio: Where Science Mind Meets Abstract Mind. Experimental Mixed Media Art.

   Angie Simone (Angela) is a self-taught, experimental mixed-media artist currently working out of her home-based studio in Lake County, OH. The first art medium she explored was digital photography, illuminated by her love for hiking in our many public parks. She started showing her amateur photography in 2014 with Lake Metroparks and received several awards and contributed to their published promotional material. Her photography slowly became an exploration in mixed-media acrylic on canvas. Her initial tools and materials were found objects, various upcycled materials and unconventional mediums such as; cookie cutters, glue, sand, eyeshadow, and organic matter.

In 2019, with only two years of painting, she launched her first solo exhibition at, Negative Space Gallery titled, Returning to Me; Explorations in Mixed Media, which received a supportive review from the CAN journal. To date, she has participated in over 22 Gallery shows, juried and community-based, as well as several online shows.  She has sold photography and mixed media out of Cleveland and Columbus-based galleries.  .
Angie expresses a strong ethereal, and eccentric style of composition that is informed by afflicted & joyous emotions, interesting life experiences, and a tenacious science-based mind. Each piece is a unique abstract that often incorporates the female form juxtaposed to bright colors and spontaneous textures. 

In the end, Angie creates as a way of taking her many thoughts to completion, so she can hear her voice from start to finish, without being interrupted.

Currently a working artist at Stella's Art Gallery in Willoughby, OH.

The CAN Journal Review

Art Journal review of my first and emerging solo exhibition at Negative Space Art Gallery.

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